Here are just a few of the many articles that Mimi has written. She also contributes to many articles on the subject of DWI defense.

Are Prosecutors’ Office Policies Legal?
Legislatures, representatives of the people, write the laws NOT prosecutors. Each law is a result of a complex process involving everything from public hearings, citizen and lobbyist input to sworn testimony. Penal code statutes have punishment ranges for a reason…
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DWI- Modern Witch Hunts
Judge Daryl Coffey of County Criminal Court number 8, in Tarrant County, Texas once remarked to me that all a prosecutor has to do to win a DWI case is just make sure that the three letters “DWI” are mentioned at least 15 times in a trial. It is this type of environment…
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Fear and the Field Sobriety Tests
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) developed the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) in a vacuum. None of the original research simulated real life testing conditions; e.g., a person performing the standardized field sobriety tests…
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The Aging Process and Field Sobriety Tests
It is not surprising that every year 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer1, the second leading cause of death next to heart disease. It should be surprising that there are also approximately 1.4 million DWI/DUI arrests (1 of every 139 license drivers) in the country a year…
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Unjust Courtroom Practices: Always Seating the Prosecution Closest to the Jury
Clarence Darrow once remarked:
“Jurymen seldom convict a person they like, or acquit one they dislike. The main work of the trial lawyer is to make a jury like his client, or at least to feel sympathy for him; facts regarding the crime are relatively unimportant.”
How can a criminal defense attorney make the jury feel anything for their client…
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