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The Coffey Firm is different than other firms. Mimi Coffey coordinates all of her staff to ensure that they are focused on you. Instead of passing you around from one attorney to another, our attorneys have specific duties at each stage of your case.

Our goal is to alleviate confusion, and give you a sense of relief when we represent you in court. It’s hard enough being in court. You don’t need someone representing you frantically running from courtroom to courtroom, being ill-prepared and uninformed about your case.

Resolving a DWI charge is a daunting process that takes a skilled team of professionals.

The Coffey Firm is committed to delivering the highest quality legal defense and customer service. We believe that each case is important. Our attorneys share experience and wisdom with each other in designing a custom legal solution just for you.

Mimi Coffey | Principal Attorney


Mimi Coffey DWI Attorney Fort Worth Dallas

Mimi Coffey is an attorney with 20 years experience. She is certified in DWI defense by the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD). She has been the Texas delegate for several years. With offices in both Dallas and Tarrant Counties, she serves the entire metroplex.

Mimi has appeared as a legal commentator for CNN, National Fox News, and local Dallas/Fort Worth stations on DWI-related stories. She is also a frequent speaker at both national and state-wide seminars. Mimi is an experienced attorney with a proven trial record (over 300 cases, with 80% of them being jury trials). Her successes include everything from .21 breath tests, blood tests, to 3 car accident cases. Mimi’s cases have also made excellent case law for the State of Texas.

She has won the President’s Heart of a Champion Award from the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) numerous times. Mimi also led the effort to get the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to recognize the NCDD’s DWI Certification.

Mimi has been active over the past 4 legislative sessions in fighting against bad DWI laws. Her efforts prevented the breath/blood test refusal as being a separate crime. She has also argued for true deferred adjudication for DWI.

 Andrew Morris | Associate Litigation Attorney

(Dallas, Denton, and Collin Counties)



•Initial Client Consultation
•Client Communication Specialist
•Case Evaluation
•Administrative License discovery and hearings
•Courtroom Resolution Advocate
•Associate court duties (DA office coordination, passes, criminal ODL etc.)
•Filing motions (interlock removal, probation termination etc.)
•Courthouse resolution (Pleas)
•Bond issue management
•Probation issue management

Practicing for over 10 years, Andrew Morris is our Associate Litigation Attorney in our Dallas office. Andrew attended Texas A&M University, majoring in Marketing. He was a member in the Sigma Chi Fraternity, as well as the Pre Law Society. After graduating in 2001, Andrew went to the Oklahoma City University School of Law. He received his JD (Doctor of Jurisprudence) in 2005. His activities and honors include: Dean’s List, Faculty Honor Roll, a member of the Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity, and New Student Mentor. Andrew was then licensed by the State Bar of Texas in late 2005.

From Mimi:

“Andrew has been with the Coffey Firm for 9 years. I first met Andrew when as a young lawyer, he sought me out and asked if he could sit on a few jury trials with me for experience. Every trial he sat with me, we ended up winning. I was so impressed with him, that I offered him a job. One of the most impressive traits about Andrew is his work ethic.  I have seen him come to work many times extremely ill (insisting on staying, even after I begged him to go home). Andrew is an old school lawyer. He lives by your word being your bond. His father and uncle were both practicing lawyers in Dallas (his father still practices family law). Andrew played high school football and understands the meaning of tough. He once went in on a motion to suppress with an hour’s notice and won. Many lawyers would have refused the opportunity. Andrew is very kind and sensitive, outside his get down to business persona.  I particularly love the fact that he remembers everybody’s name and their particulars. It is not unusual at all for me to receive a text from Andrew after hours telling me he just ran into one of our clients out and about. Andrew is a very social guy, who lives, breathes, and loves his hometown of Dallas.  Thank you Andrew, for all you do. You have my greatest respect.”

Lanny Begley | Associate Attorney

(Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties)


lannybegley•Initial client consultation
•Case evaluation
•Case law research
•Motion hearing management
•Pre-trial and other applicable motions
•Periodic trial case review

Lanny attended Austin Peay State University in Tennessee for his undergrad, where he was involved in Kappa Sigma Fraternity and the Honors Program. In 2008 Lanny received a BA in Political Science and a minor in English Language and Literature. From there he went to Baylor University School of Law, and was active in Phi Alpha Delta, and the Order of Barristers. There, he received his J.D. in 2011, and sworn in to practice law in Texas in 2012. Mr. Begley has worked in both civil and administrative law before starting to work at the Coffey Firm. When not working, he and his wife try to fill time with travel and live music.

Lanny has also suffered the stressful process of a DWI arrest. He knows what our clients have gone through, and wants to lessen the confusion and fear of the court system. Fighting for our clients is of the utmost importance to Lanny, especially after experiencing it all from their perspective.

From Mimi:

“When I first met Lanny in his interview, I was struck with his forthrightness. He reminded me a bit of myself. He is a very serious scholar. I am so grateful to have Lanny at the firm and enjoy mentoring him. He has masterful control of his temperament and exudes professionalism in any and every setting. Lanny initially worked in our Dallas location. This was a great experience for him as Dallas County is far larger, and many things are done differently there. Lanny has quickly earned the respected position of arguing motions and handling appeals, in addition to daily court docket settings. Recently, he was published in the Voice of the Defense (statewide) critically analyzing a Court of Criminal Appeals decision which is frequently used out of context in DWI motions to suppress. Lanny has served on the board of the Arlington Young Lawyers Association for the past several years. He enjoys giving back to local community needs through the volunteer work of this group. His dedication to helping others charitably represents the kind of noble character we value at the Coffey Firm. When asked to describe how he felt about helping others at the Coffey Firm, he responded “The presumption of innocence is one of the most important rights people have in our country, and I am happy to work every day to make sure our clients are afforded it.” Thank you Lanny for all you do for the Coffey Firm and our community. It is privilege to have you on our team.”

Rex Barnett | Associate Attorney

(Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties)



•Trial Preparation
•Criminal Court Dockets
•Administrative License Hearings
•Occupational Driver’s License Hearings

Rex graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in June, 1988. While attending law school, he worked as a briefing clerk in the Appellate Division of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office. After graduation, he became an Assistant District Attorney in the Appellate Section of the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. In October, 1991 Mr. Barnett went into private practice, handling mostly criminal trials and appeals in state and federal court. He has handled felonies ranging from drug cases, bank robbery, murder, and capital murder (death penalty) cases. In 2010, Rex left Tarrant County to work in the area of Oil and Gas law in Western Pennsylvania. He moved back to Texas in October of 2016.

Rex Barnett is currently licensed in all Texas state courts, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, and the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

From Mimi:

“Ran into one of my favorite colleagues last week, who was an excellent and well respected former district attorney. We discussed how Rex had joined my law firm. My colleague commented, “I love Rex!” Rex is one of those attorneys that is ‘what you see is what you get.’ He pulls no punches. He plays no games. He fits perfectly into how we at the Coffey Firm, pride ourselves on ethics, diplomacy, as well as skill. He was board certified in criminal law from 1999 to 2010 (when he moved to Pennsylvania). Rex was a former Travis County and Tarrant County District Attorney in the appellate divisions. Rex has tried many felony cases including child molestation charges and capital murder (where his clients faced the death penalty). Nothing scares Rex. He is always up to any and all challenges. Rex is a hometown guy. He graduated from Paschal High School before graduating from Austin College in Sherman and then the University of Texas at Austin Law School. Rex has practiced longer than me (28 years)! Rex and I have smoked many cigars over hundreds of hours during courthouse lunch breaks at Tobacco Lane (now closed). I certainly appreciate all the mentoring he provided me in my early years, as I very much enjoy and cherish his friendship. It is an honor to work alongside him today. Rex comments “Criminal defense is my first love, it’s the only type of law that really interests me.””

Leah Lucius | Associate Attorney

(Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties)


•Initial Client Consultation

•Administrative License Revocation Hearings

•Occupational Driver’s License Hearings

•Petitions for Expunction

•Petitions for Nondisclosure

•Grand jury packet preparation

Leah is a graduate of Texas Tech University, twice over. She obtained her undergraduate degree in 1991 where she graduated Summa Cum Laude, with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Latin. On a return trip, Leah received her J.D. from Texas Tech University School of Law in 1998 where she was an active member of Delta Theta Phi law fraternity and served on the Board of Barristers. Between college and law school, Leah received her Master’s Degree in Biological Psychology from the University of Houston- Clear Lake and Louisiana State University.

Leah began her legal career at the Dallas County Attorney’s Office where she handled misdemeanor and felony cases. As a criminal defense attorney, Leah has handled DWI’s, Juvenile cases, Child Protective Services cases, numerous felonies, as well as come civil matters. Leah has a proven record of obtaining No-bills for clients facing felony charges prior to being indicted.

From Mimi:

“Leah defines class. Don’t let her perfectly put together exterior fool you. She is extremely sensitive and caring. Her very kind and sweet nature is evidenced by her life. She has spent her life dedicated to helping people. She treats a traffic ticket like a capital murder. This trait is well known as she has the respect from all sides both handling traffic tickets as a defense lawyer and the district attorney in JP courts (a job for which she was chosen due to her extraordinary ability to handle all cases no matter how minor with an incredible attitude and acumen). This is also very helpful as most DWI cases start as traffic tickets.

Leah has spent 8 years as a prosecutor for the Dallas District Attorney’s office and ten years as a defense lawyer. In addition to her law degree, she boasts a scientific background. She earned a Master’s degree in Biological Psychology (lot of operations on rat brains) from the University of Houston at Clear Lake with a lot of hours spent in the lab at Louisiana State University.

Leah loves helping others. She is very active performing much community service as an auxiliary member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagle for the past 5 years. In her spare time besides volunteering for charitable events, she enjoys archery, golf, and snow skiing as well as music (she plays piano and saxophone).

I am so honored to be able to work alongside Leah. In all the many years that I have known, her genuine sweetness has always been impressive to me.”