How I got into DWI Defense

Ft. Worth Star Telegram article

I have been in love with defending DWI cases since I first started practicing law. When I graduated law school, I had no clue that I would eventually become a board certified lawyer in DWI. As a brand new lawyer I handled court appointed cases. This turned into a job with the biggest criminal defense practice of the metroplex at the time back in 1995, Bailey and Galyen. I was responsible for half the firm’s Tarrant County misdemeanor docket, which was largely comprised of DWIs. I knew early on that being a criminal defense lawyer was not enough if I wanted to win DWI cases. So after reading an article on the problems with the Intoxilyzer 5000 by Dr. James Booker, I reached out to him to teach me. He was a true source of knowledge and inspiration for many years. I became fascinated by the fact that the standardized field sobriety tests police officers use do not legitimate science to back it up (great scientific peer review study by Dr. Spurgeon Cole outlines most succinctly these issues as well as the federal determination of the same in the Horn case). Delving into the complexities of infrared spectroscopy in breath testing was fun due to my scientific undergraduate requirements in geology (more hours in my minor Geology than my major). Being a young lawyer, I wanted to learn from the best so I contacted many of the best DWI trial lawyers at the time and invited them to speak at a Tarrant County Criminal Defense CLE. This was so much fun, that I decided to do it on a large scale by starting my own seminar company, Cowtown CLE. It was so successful that for two years in a row, my one day DWI seminar had the most attendees in Texas for a DWI seminar. I had nationally reknown DWI lawyers teach. I was able to educate a lot of lawyers in DWI and myself. Once the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association started throwing the same seminar (in the same location and at the same time), I was happy to forego my seminar in order to help the state organization. Since then, I have become published in DWI, both periodicals and a textbook. I have also spoken numerous times over the years on DWI all across the country as well as provided national news commentary (on DWI and other criminal issues). Most importantly over the last 23 years, I have had over 300 DWI trials and thousands of negotiated DWI pleas. It is a true joy to go to work every day. I am so blessed with each and every opportunity to help someone accused of DWI.

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