Our Staff


Jeremy Wood- Fort Worth/Dallas Locations (Tarrant, Parker, Dallas, Denton and Johnson Counties)

Jeremy joined our team in 2014. After redesigning our website, optimizing our web and social media presence, and driving our offices into the 21st century, he has now become our problem solving guru. We depend on him to solve any general technology needs, coordinating

Bill Burgan
Director of Client Relations
Fort Worth Location (Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties)

As a draftee in the Vietnam conflict, Bill was one of the few drafted men chosen to be offered into officer candidate school, based on a series of tests.

Bill owned his own business for over 20 years, and understands the meaning of client service. From start to finish, Bill manages our clients with compassion and urgency.

He is a loving father of 3 children, as well as 7 grandchildren.

“We don’t have problems, only situations. How we respond to the situation determines if it becomes a problem.”




Robyn Burkett- Dallas Location (Dallas, Denton, and Collin Counties)

Ms. Burkett is not only the Operations Coordinator for our two offices, she is also the Office Manager at our Dallas location. Robyn is a true natural at handling court cases. After graduating with Honors from Seagoville High School, Robyn went to work for the cities of Combine and Balch Springs. She excelled so much at government clerical work, she soon found herself working for the Dallas County Clerk’s office for 9 years…

“This is where I first met Robyn. She performed outstanding work as the clerk of County Criminal Court No. 5.  She was always so helpful to our citizens, lawyers, and court staff alike. She did everything efficiently and with a warm smile. Loyalty is one of Robyn’s best attributes.” ~Mimi Coffey


Charlene- Fort Worth Location


CharleneNicknamed “Squishy” by Mimi, Charlene lived a hard life before she became the unofficial mascot of The Coffey Firm. She was rescued from a puppy mill over a year ago. There was a house fire, and several animals were rescued. When she is not greeting clients at the office, and begging for treats, she is at home with our resident IT guy, Jeremy.



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