Our Staff

Former Dallas Cowboys Coach said “Go with players you believe in, who fit your personality and your system.” I opened the Coffey Firm in 2000 as a passionate, young DWI defense lawyer on fire. I have been blessed with many fine people who have built the Coffey Firm up to what it is today. There have been great lawyers who have gotten their first jobs here, and fantastic support staff who shared the same enthusiasm of building a DWI firm back when boutique law firms were thought to be risky. My heart is filled with much gratitude. This brings me to today (as a passionate, older DWI defense lawyer STILL on fire). The Coffey Firm has 17 years of embedded process, mission, and customer service. It is a true joy to head a firm whose reputation has been established and who today boasts a team of such unified purpose, it brings me such joy that it is hard to describe. Every member of our firm, truly represents the tenets that are most important to me: conscientiousness, professionalism, diligence and altruistic motivation. It is an honor to serve the DFW community alongside them. With that being said, I would like to both thank them individually and while doing so, expound upon their strengths for the benefit of our clients and those in the legal community for which they interact with.

Bill Burgan- Fort Worth Location (Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties)


Bill is the Director of Client Relations, and quite the people person (thoroughly enjoying getting to know each and every client). He is the central nervous system of our firm. From the time our clients first contact our office in distress through the follow up items after their cases are closed, Bill manages and directs their calls, appointments, and action items (notifying them of their occupational licenses, etc.). Bill is a United States Army Veteran. He was drafted in the Vietnam conflict. Bill was one of the few drafted men chosen to be offered officer candidate school based on a series of tests. Bill owned his own business for over 20 years and understands the meaning of client service. He is a loving father of 2 daughters and a son alongside 7 grandsons, whom he is devoted to. He is a straight shooter offering Coffey Firm clients both compassion and understanding alongside direction. Bill says, “We don’t have problems, only situations. How we respond to the situation determines if it becomes a problem.”

Bill remarks, “After spending 20 plus years in the business world, I now have the opportunity to help people make it through their ‘situation’ and see them to closure. What a privilege and honor to be part of Mimi’s team.” Bill, it is I that am grateful to you, alongside our clients. When Bill is not involved with work or family, Bill volunteers his time with the following causes (working their auctions): Picking for Preemies, Center for Autism, and Bras for a Cause.

Kimberly Coffey- Fort Worth Location (Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties)


Kim Coffey

Kim is the Coffey Firm paralegal. She has worked for the firm for 3 years. She is a native of DFW. She graduated from Keller High School. She went on to the University of North Texas and obtained a degree in business management. When Kim came to the firm, she took over the trial prep position (a position so difficult that nine staffers attempted it before her in a year). Not only did she excel at this most important and difficult position, she easily branched out into the other paralegal mediums (ALRs, occupational licenses, etc). Kim definitely has the Coffey smarts (she is Mimi’s first cousin). Kim is a single mom of a high-schooler and two 8 year old twin boys. She enjoys giving back to the Salvation Army, and the SPCA.  Kim is proud of her Mexican roots (Kim’s father married a Mexican lady, Mimi’s father married a Japanese lady, the Coffey fathers are brothers).  Kim said, “Giving my time and energy to help others brings me great pleasure. Knowing what I do helps  keeps me going.”

Kim, I thank you for your tremendous dedication to the firm and clients. Your intellect and ability to solve issues is truly most impressive. Kim lives one of her favorite quotes by Nelson Mandela, “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return.”

Erica Gaona- Fort Worth Location (Tarrant, Parker & Johnson Counties)

Erica Gaona handles the dictation, court dates, and document accountability at the office. She also assists with the phone calls. Her role in dictation for all of the attorneys is one of scribe. She painstakingly and carefully records all communication by the attorneys on every case (court dates, emails, evaluations, etc.). She graduated from Paschal High School in Ft. Worth. She then obtained her associate’s degree in criminal justice from Brightwood College (formerly Kaplan College). Erica remarks “I like helping people and giving people second chances. I take great pride knowing that I am a part of that.”

From Mimi:

Erica is the youngest member of our firm. She is full of unbridled positivity and enthusiasm. She said when she was studying criminal justice, it was taught from the law enforcement perspective so working at the Coffey Firm has been very eye opening. Erica is a very hard worker, just like her father. She worked fulltime at Church’s Chicken while going to high school. She worked her way up to supervisor. When she went to college, she maintained employment part time at Church’s Chicken as well as Manna Doughnuts.  Determined not to delay her final exams, she took them the day she was released from the hospital after giving birth to her son. Nothing keeps this little dynamo down! Erica is extremely helpful to all who call the Coffey Firm. She embraces her tasks and takes on much extra work when needed.  We at the Coffey Firm truly enjoy and appreciate Erica Gaona.

Robyn Burkett- Dallas Location (Dallas, Denton, and Collin Counties)


Robyn is the office manager of the Coffey Firm at the Dallas location. Robyn is a true natural at handling court cases. After graduating with honors from Seagoville High School, Robyn went to work admin for the cities of Combine and Balch Springs. She excelled so much at government clerical work, she soon found herself working for the Dallas County Clerk’s office for 9 years. This is where I first met Robyn. She performed outstanding work as the clerk of county criminal court No. 5.  She was always so helpful to citizens, lawyers, and court staff alike. She did everything efficiently and with a warm smile. Loyalty is one of Robyn’s best attributes.

She started working the local skating rink (Super Skate) at age 16, and still helps out there at least once a month. Robyn describes the owner of Super Skate as her “second” mom. Coffey Firm clients will find that Robyn solves problems quickly (knowing all the ins and outs of the clerical court system), and is extremely conscientious. Robyn is a single mom to two boys (also having been involved in the PTA). Thank you Robyn for your extreme dedication and professionalism to the Coffey Firm clients.  It is an honor to work alongside you.

Charlene- Fort Worth Location


CharleneNicknamed “Squish Squish” by Mimi, Charlene lived a hard life before she became the unofficial mascot of The Coffey Firm. She was rescued from a puppy mill over a year ago. There was a house fire, and several animals were rescued. When she is not greeting clients at the office, and begging for treats, she is at home with our resident IT guy, Jeremy.

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