Bill Burgan | Director of Client Relations

(Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties)

Bill Burgan

Bill is the Director of Client Relations, and quite the people person (thoroughly enjoying getting to know each and every client). He is the central nervous system of our firm. From the time our clients first contact our office in distress through the follow up items after their cases are closed, Bill manages and directs their calls, appointments, and action items (notifying them of their occupational licenses, etc.). Bill is a United States Army Veteran. He was drafted in the Vietnam conflict. Bill was one of the few drafted men chosen to be offered officer candidate school based on a series of tests.  Bill owned his own business for over 20 years and understands the meaning of client service. He is a loving father of 2 daughters and a son alongside 7 grandsons, whom he is devoted to. He is a straight shooter offering Coffey Firm clients both compassion and understanding alongside direction. Bill says, “We don’t have problems, only situations. How we respond to the situation determines if it becomes a problem.”

Bill remarks, “After spending twenty plus years in the business world, I now have the opportunity to help people make it through their ‘situation’ and see them to closure. What a privilege and honor to be part of Mimi’s team.” Bill, it is I that am grateful to you, alongside our clients. When Bill is not involved with work or family, Bill volunteers his time with the following causes (working their auctions): Picking for Preemies, Center for Autism, and Bras for a Cause.