Kimberly Coffey | Paralegal

(Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties)

Kim CoffeyKim is the Coffey Firm paralegal. She has worked for the firm for 3 years. She is a native of DFW. She graduated from Keller High School. She went on to the University of North Texas and obtained a degree in business management. When Kim came to the firm, she took over the trial prep position (a position so difficult that nine staffers attempted it before her in a year). Not only did she excel at this most important and difficult position, she easily branched out into the other paralegal mediums (ALRs, occupational licenses, etc). Kim definitely has the Coffey smarts (she is Mimi’s first cousin). Kim is a single mom of a high schooler and two 8 year old twin boys. She enjoys giving back to the Salvation Army, and the SPCA.  Kim is proud of her Mexican roots (Kim’s father married a Mexican lady, Mimi’s father married a Japanese lady, the Coffey fathers are brothers).  Kim said, “Giving my time and energy to help others brings me great pleasure. Knowing what I do helps keep me going.”

Kim, I thank you for your tremendous dedication to the firm and clients. Your intellect and ability to solve issues is truly most impressive. Kim lives one of her favorite quotes by Nelson Mandela, “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return.”