Out of respect for the different factors which affect the outcome in negotiation, please inquire specifically about our results of negotiated reduced non- DWI sentences with our office. From a request of the DA’s office we do not publicly advertise these. We would not want to jeopardize future negotiations on behalf of our clients.

Mimi has 20 years experience in trying cases as a defense lawyer. From opening to verdict, she has tried approximately 300 cases (jury & bench trials). Following is a list of some recent results:

Case# Type Reason for Stop Verdict
1173751 Breath .21 Failed to Signal Lane Change Not Guilty
MB-07-62720 Breath .21 Failed to Signal Left Turn Not Guilty
MB-09-58708 Breath .14 Hit and Run Not Guilty
1212149 Breath  .10 Weaving/Wide Right Turn Not Guilty
1205676 Breath .09 Failed to Signal Lane Change/Swerving Not Guilty
1310447 Breath .10 Speeding/Failure to Maintain Single Lane Not Guilty
1347098 Breath.12 Parked in Front of Caller’s House Not Guilty
1211745 Breath .14 Waiting for Roadside Assistance w/Flat Tire Not Guilty
CR-2012-02786-A Blood .14 Speeding 50 in a 40 Not Guilty
1186142 Blood .09 Speeding 44 in a 30; Failure to Signal Lane Changes. Ran Red Light Not Guilty
1281582 Blood .16 Fell Over on Motorcycle (Judge Dismissed Case) Not Guilty
1104022 Refusal Ran Two Red Lights Not Guilty
MB-09-36433 Refusal Racing 95 in a 45 Not Guilty
M-09-63079 Refusal Ran Red Light Not Guilty
M-09-25138 Refusal Struck Cop Car Not Guilty
1195352 Refusal 94 in a 60 on a Motorcycle Not Guilty
1214749 Refusal Head on Collision Not Guilty
1226259 Refusal Ran Left Turn Light Not Guilty
1259151 Refusal 85 in a 50 in Construction Zone Not Guilty
MB-11-61212 Refusal Fell Asleep at Green Light for 2 Cycles Not Guilty