What to Expect


If you are reading this, you are most likely experiencing tremendous shame, anxiety, and confusion regarding what is happening with your life. Everyone makes mistakes. You are asking yourself, “what happens now? What can I expect to happen?” Let us worry about the difficulties and obstacles of your case.

“I often pinch myself, when I am dealing with an assistant district attorney who thinks that prosecuting a citizen who is asleep in a parking lot (isn’t this what we want people to do versus not driving?) is the only option.”

About Me

I have been practicing for 21 years. Unlike other attorneys, I have never been a prosecutor. Defending the accused is all I know. My career has been dedicated to fighting for the rights of citizens accused of crimes, specializing in DWI.

I have learned that the system will roll right over you without a second glance, and possibly destroy your life forever.

Every client can contact me directly- I want to make sure that every Coffey Firm client knows that their anxieties and questions can be addressed at the touch of their fingertips. Schedules are often harried and tight, that is why we want to make ourselves available in any way we can.

What is Important to Know?

I think that it is extremely important to understand the current environment. The past 20 years have been the toughest years in criminal justice for this country (record incarceration rates and durations). The system will see you as a number and a hopeful conviction. We are here to change that.

Every court is different- the assistant district attorney in your case may change before your case is settled (and they are all different people as varied as the judges with their own perspectives and approaches), and the facts of your case also weigh into your options.

There is no one site which will tell you what you will get, what will happen and what you should do.

What Should You Do Now?

Mimi hugging

Mimi hugging a current client

Your first decision is to hire counsel. Your second decision? Get to know your lawyer.

To do the best job, we must understand you and appreciate you as a person. (how many kids you have, your hobbies, obligations), as well as the details of your arrest. We must be able to prioritize what means the most to you, and strategize to get you the best outcome. Facts are facts, but your life is something totally different.

At the Coffey Firm, we have a “period review” process where I, and our lawyers, personally reach out to you where we can to connect with you, and get to know you before we a have strategy session about your case.

The Coffey Firm wants to know you as a person.