Mission Statement

Texas DWI Law and the Texas DWI Process is very scary and confusing for anyone who is arrested for a DWI. Mimi and her staff are here to help. Everyone makes mistakes.  Getting arrested for a DWI or a crime is traumatizing. The process is scary, worrisome, and embarrassing. Who hasn’t had a social drink and gotten behind the wheel? Most of us have.  Mimi has been representing people accused of DWI and crimes since 1995. In that time period, she has dedicated herself to all facets of defense work. Her training and education is extensive. She has taken the standardized field sobriety practitioner and instructor courses, both Borkenstein courses on alcohol and drugs (one of only a small group of lawyers nationwide) and has received training on the Intoxilyzer and DRE (the Drug Recognition Expert evaluation process used on DWI drugs and prescriptions).  In addition, she has also attended the gas chromatography school (used in blood testing) at Axion Labs.  Since 1999, she has been very involved in teaching DWI Defense to other lawyers across Texas and the country. The Coffey Firm strives to not just address the legal issues as best as possible, but to emphasize the human element.  We, at The Coffey Firm, strive to help our clients regain their sense of self, purpose and confidence. Few things are more terrifying than an arrest. We are here to help, not judge. No one should feel embarrassed or ashamed.  It’s not how many times we fall that defines us, it is how many times we pick ourselves back up and move forward.

Mimi understands social drinkers. She is one.